At Carver Lake Veterinary Center, we understand that you cannot always be at home with your pets. Perhaps you have activities after work or school that require you to be gone into the evening. Maybe you have a young puppy who needs attention and “potty breaks” several times throughout the day. :With Daycare, your puppy can receive attention, walks, and miday meals. Daycare is offered during our regular business hours: Monday through Friday from 7:45am until 6:00pm.

We enjoy the extra time we share with your pet; we get to know your pet better and they get to know us. While your pet is here for daycare, we can provide other services such as grooming, vaccinations, and wellness check-ups as an extra convenience for you. Added benefits for puppies include speeding up crate training and housebreaking.

Daycare is available every day, however we ask that you call ahead to schedule so we can be prepared when you arrive. Bedding, leashes, and bowls for food and water are provided. Pets are housed individually in standard stainless steel crates. Dogs are walked on a leash to eliminate at least every four hours or as needed depending on the dog. Manners that you may be teaching, such as not biting or not to jump on people, will be reinforced by our staff. Socialization with people and with other dogs will be supervised when appropriate. Bring your own food and treats if you would like and let us know if your puppy has any special dietary limits.

We do not provide unsupervised play and the amount of exercise most dogs receive here will not supply all the play your dog will need for the day. Dogs who are not crated at home or are stressed by other dogs may not enjoy the daycare experience. If you have further questions about our daycare service, please don’t hesitate to ask!