Jessica, Lead Certified Veterinary Technician

Jessica received her AAS in Veterinary Technology from Argosy University in 2002. Shortly after graduation she started at Carver Lake.

Jessica has always had a passion for rehabilitating animals and enjoys educating the public on proper pet care. Another favorite part of her job is helping owners of senior pets navigate the day to day challenges they face.

When Jessica isn’t at the clinic she spends her time “Up North” hanging out in the great outdoors with her family, and spoiling her two sweet kittens; Nibbler and Go.T.

April, Certified Veterinary Technician

April attended Globe College and obtained her AAS in Veterinary Technology in 2005.  She joined Carver Lake’s team in December of 2007.

April has always had a love of animals and an interest in veterinary medicine, and strives to create lasting bonds with clients.  She especially enjoys watching our patients grow from babies into their senior years.  She believes it’s important to build trust and provide clients with valuable health care education so they can keep their pets happy and healthy.

When not at the clinic April enjoyes hiking with her husband, their three daughers, and their Labrador, Bo.  They have a love of nature and value the educational experience it provides for their kids.  Their goal is to explore as many National, State, and Local parks as possible!

Sarah, Certified Veterinary Technician

Sarah became a CVT in 2009, and after working in other veterinary clinics for four years, she came to call Carver Lake Veterinary Center her home in 2014.

Sarah has always loved animals, attending many “animal camps” as a child.  That love of animals developed into her career and she has since found a special passion for internal medicine and caring for geriatric patients.

Sarah owns a Boston Terrier named Leo, a French Bulldog named Sheldon, and a cat named Jynx.  She enjoys the family life with her husband and daughters, Vaeda, Novalee, & Mira and says there is nothing better than rediscovering the world through the eyes of her children!

Niki, Veterinary Technician

Niki joined our team in 2016, but has been a Veterinary Technician for many years.  She loves every aspect of veterinary medicine, but has a special interest in canine behavior.

One of her favorite parts of the her job is helping clients through challenging behavioral issues.  She finds it very rewarding to know that she has helped strengthen the bond between an owner and their pet.

Niki’s love of pets and canine behavior is certainly evident in her life outside of Carver Lake Veterinary Center as well!  She is extremely active with her seven (yes seven!) Australian Shepherds, participating in obedience, agility, and herding classes & competitions.  She even teaches many of these classes!  We should mention that Niki also has a cat that rules all the dogs.

Ashley, Certified Veterinary Technician

Ashley joined our team in 2016 after receiving her Bachelors in sociology from Bethel University in 2007 and her Associates in Veterinary Technology from Argosy 2010.

In addition to working with companion animals, Ashley has also worked with zoo animals at a tiger sanctuary and also a zoo in Tyler Texas.  Through these jobs, she learned to love using positive based training.  In fact, she used clicker training with many of the tigers and African serval cats!

Ashley has a papillon named Jasper and a working police german shepherd named Kilo, who serves with Ashley’s husband on the police force!  Kilo is the second police dog Ashley and her husband have raised and trained together!  They also have a son named Connor, who keeps them very busy!

In her spare time, Ashley likes to spend time with family, read, go to amusement parks, hike, shop, travel, and watch cooking shows.

Amanda, Veterinary Technician

Amanda completed her degree in Veterinary Technology at Globe College in 2005, and joined our team in 2016.  Although she loves all aspects of veterinary medicine, she finds assisting in surgery and connecting with pet owners to be her favorite parts.

When she’s not at the clinic, Amanda keeps busy with her husband and their two boys, Tyler and Jackson, along with their Pitbull, Juniper, and cats, Milo and Yoda.  They are an adventurous family and love the outdoors….so much so, that Amanda and her husband went cliff jumping after their wedding, wedding dress and all!

Paula, Certified Veterinary Technician

Paula joined our team in 2017 shortly after completing her degree in veterinary technology.  Having spent some of her training working in labs, Paula was thrilled to get a chance to work directly with pet owners and states that one of her favorite things about her career choice is helping pets by helping their owners through client education.

When not at the clinic, Paula enjoys spending time with her own crew of creatures; Kira the Lab, Buttons the Papillion, Ferdinand the cat, and Gearge Clooney the rat.