You Won’t Believe What This Dog Ate!!

This is Bowser.  Bowser is a happy Chocolate Lab who lives a relaxing life with his owners David and Martha and their cats.  Bowser has always been a curious dog, but recently his curiosity got him into some serious trouble.

The story starts with one of his feline friends causing some chaos.  She was playing with something on a counter and having a great time.  David and Martha didn’t think anything of it until the item fell to the floor.

Bowser jumped at the item and David and Martha barely had enough time to identify the item before it was gone.  Bowser had successfully swallowed a human nail clipper in 2.2 seconds!

X-rays were taken and it was located in Bowser’s stomach.  Atthe advice of the veterinarians Bowser waited a few days hoping it would pass.  When it didn’t it was time for surgery.

Bowser fortunately didn’t have any problems before or after the surgery and the nail clipper was extracted intact without causing any damage.

Bowser’s family asked us to tell their story here in hopes of warning other dog owners of the dangers of household items to pets.  Bowser was lucky, many pets eat things without their owners realizing it.  By the time your pet starts to show signs such as vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite some damage may already be done.

David, Martha, and your veterinarians recommend “Pet Proofing” your house on a regular basis.  Check for things such as toys, cords, string, and anything that can be chewed up or swallowed.  If you know your pet has eaten something or if they show any of the above symptoms contact your veterinarian immediately.

Bowser and his family were very lucky and they hope that their story will help protect other pets from the same problem in the future.

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