Cats are smart, no one will argue with that!  However, that intelligence instinctively makes cats want to hide their illnesses and injuries.  This makes it very difficult for owners to recognize little problems before they become big problems.  In fact, in most situations, by the time an owner is aware that their cat has a problem, the problem is far more advanced and therefore much harder to treat.

The good news is, there is an easy solution.  Regular exams for your cats (yearly for cats under age 7, twice a year for cats over the age of 7) will give your veterinarian the opportunity to look closely at your cat for things that may be making them uncomfortable or sick.

During our exams, we do an oral health evaluations to look for dental disease and other oral issues, which are very painful, and begin to develop in cats at a very young age.  We extend joints and feel for arthritis and other joint issues, often affecting cats as young as 5 years old!  We examine eyes, ears, nose, feet, and all other parts to check for wounds, pain, and other abnormalities.  In many of these exams, we find things that were causing our feline patients discomfort, that owners had no idea existed because their cat was so good at hiding them!

In older kitties, we recommend labwork in addition to the exam.  Labwork is like an “internal exam” and will tell us how your cat’s organs are functioning.  We are able to detect diseases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, kidney and liver concerns, and more.  And, with routine labwork on a regular basis, we are able to catch these disease in their early stages and begin treatment, which is much more comfortable for both your cat and your pocket book!

We know that bringing cats to the vet isn’t the most convenient or fun activity.  And, we understand that it can be stressful for both you and your cat.  That’s why Carver Lake Veterinary Center is striving to make feline visits as low-stress as possible.  We are doing this in many ways.

  • Limited time in the waiting room to avoid interactions with other pets and stressful situations
  • Using one exam room primarily for cats so they don’t have to stay where dogs have stayed
  • The use of Feliway, a feline pheromone that helps cats stay more calm
  • Allowing cats to remain in their carriers until we are ready for their exam
  • Using new, lower stress techniques to keep your cat safe and calm during exams and procedures

At Carver Lake Veterinary Center we love our feline patients and want them to live long, healthy lives.  If your cat is overdue for an exam or other procedures, we encourage you to call us today.  Let us help you keep your cat happy and healthy for many more years.