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Advances in veterinary medicine are allowing us to provide our pets with amazing care, but with those advances comes a higher cost. That is why Carver Lake Veterinary Center recommends PurinaCare Pet Insurance for our patients. This insurance is extremely cost effective and can help you afford the best care possible for your pets.

PurinaCare Pet Insurance offers many different plans to fit your budget and needs, some that include wellness care and some that are only for emergencies. Their various plans can help you pay for things like physical examinations, vaccinations, surgeries, emergency care, dental procedures, heartworm preventative, flea & tick preventatives, and more! Regardless of your pet’s age, breed, or gender, PurinaCare has a plan that will work for you.


Once you have PurinaCare, let Carver Lake Veterinary Center help you with your paperwork. Give us a copy of your signed claim form and we’ll take care of the rest, ensuring that you get your claim processed in a timely manner.

We all want to provide our pets with the best possible care. PurinaCare Pet Insurance can help us do just that!

For more information on PurinaCare Pet Insurance check out their website or call them at 1-877-8-PURINA.

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