Off to Vet School – by Christine

Many children dream about someday becoming a veterinarian; I was one of these children. As a kid I thought I could snuggle puppies and kitties all day long and it would be the best job in the world. Little did I know the journey that was before me when I decided this is what I wanted to do.

In high school I loved math and science and learning how the body and world work. This scientific mind is needed in the veterinary field. In college I continued on in science and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. I worked at a kennel and breeding facility and volunteered at the humane society to gain experience. I also shadowed veterinarians to get a feel for how a veterinary practice works.

A love for animals and science are only the beginning building blocks of what it takes to be an excellent veterinarian. What really matters is how you can relate to people. People are most vulnerable when they are with their pets because there is no other relationship like the one they have with their pet. A pet gives unconditional love and often times they can be viewed as best friends and even family. Being able to relate to people when they are most vulnerable is a gift that comes from life experience.

The first time I applied to Veterinary School I got eight rejection letters. At the time it crushed me. Luckily I was working at Carver Lake at the time and focused on the patients and clients I was working with every day. I took a year off from applying. I worked on the website researching and writing articles. I found other ways to work with animals through pet sitting, and helping Dr. Ekenstedt with her research at the University of Minnesota. I also re-took a few of my college courses to get better grades.

This year I applied again to three schools. With the University of Minnesota I had to do additional paperwork regarding my residency and in the end did not get in. I was offered an interview at Iowa State University and got on the wait list, and as I was waiting the University of Wisconsin Madison accepted me. I will be starting Veterinary School in Madison on August 30th.

This journey of getting into vet school was not an easy one. There were a lot of ups and downs, and “is this really what I want to dos.” In the end it paid off. Anything that you truly want in life is worth the wait and effort. The time spent waiting and preparing has only shaped me into the person and doctor that I want to be.

Please stop in and see me before I leave! My last day will be Friday, August 13. I want to say thank you to all the doctors, staff, clients, and patients at Carver Lake. You have all helped guide me in this journey, and I will hold each of you in my heart as I take the next step to becoming a Veterinarian.

Carver Lake Veterinary Center would like to take this opportunity to thank Christine for everything she has done for our clients and patients over the years. Although we are very proud of her and know that someday she will be an excellent veterinarian, we are going to miss her smiling face around here terribly. We wish her the best in all her veterinary endeavors and are glad we got to be a part of her journey.

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