Internet Pharmacies – What You Need to Know

Getting your pet’s medication at a discounted price sounds wonderful, however before ordering it from an Internet pharmacy or 1-800 number be sure and do your homework.  According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) buying drugs online can be  risky.  There are legitimate Internet pharmacies, however there are many frauds that are in violation of the law.

The FDA has found many of the fraudulent Internet pharmacies sell counterfeit products or expired drugs.  The biggest red flag when purchasing your pets medications is a site that will give you a medication without a prescription.  Many of these pharmacies are based overseas and their products are not FDA approved.  Prescription medications for your pets require there to be a veterinarian-client-patient relationship, this ensures that your pet gets the correct dose and is monitored throughout the drug therapy.  Internet pharmacies do not offer this and complications that occur are not the responsibility of your veterinarian or the drug manufacturer.  Heartworm medication manufacturers do not sell their products to Internet pharmacies unless they are owned by a veterinarian and have a state pharmacy license, and they do not guarantee products sold through companies without these requirements.

Legitimate Internet pharmacies are located in the U.S. and are state-licensed.  When buying prescriptions online find a practice-controlled veterinary supplier that supports the veterinarian-client-patient relationship.  These pharmacies work with the veterinarian, require written prescriptions, and have prices comparable to other Internet pharmacies.

The best way to purchase your pet’s medication is through your veterinarian because they have the freshest medications, you won’t pay shipping and handling fees and you can get your products the same day.  At Carver Lake Veterinary Center we also offer rebates through the manufacturers on products like flea and tick preventatives and Heartgard.  We understand the rising cost of health care and the convenience of Internet pharmacies.  That is why we recommend using MyVetsMeds, a practice-controlled veterinary supplier.  You can go to to check out products recommended by your veterinarian, or you can also call them at 1-866-446-9738.  If you still choose to purchase your pets medication through another Internet pharmacy we will give you a written prescription to do so, but proceed with caution.  Those companies that sell products without the manufacturers permission, are not supported by the manufacturer nor by Carver Lake Veterinary Center.

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