In Memory of Ruby

Carver Lake Veterinary Center said goodbye to our dear friend Ruby on April 3,2009.  Many of her friends and co-workers were there with her as she joined her furry friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

Ruby was a wonderful clinic cat that kept us all in line.  She had many kids who enjoyed coming to visit and snuggle her.  And she had many dogs that enjoyed visiting her as well.  Ruby had been at Carver Lake for over 13 years, almost as long as it has been open.

In recent months she had gone to live with Dr. Hunter at her house.  She had retired to a life of laying by the fire and tormenting Ansel, Dr. Hunter’s dog.  She became a closet cat and enjoyed her snuggly bed there.  Ruby wasn’t feeling well and after some diagnostics, it was found that she had a couple lumps on her lungs that were probably cancerous.

It was very hard to say goodbye to such a dear friend, but she was surrounded by those she loved as she left this world.  Here are a few memories that her co-workers wanted to share in her memory:

  • She was a “cool” cat and could be found lounging on the best chair in the treatment room no matter what was going on around her.
  • She always knew when someone was having a snack and wasn’t far behind to try and find a reward.   She often stole dairy products such as whip cream and got us into trouble.
  • The children loved her!  Our technician Katie cannot drive by Carver Lake without her daughter Reagan talking about Ruby.  She brought many smiles to their faces.
  • Every morning Ruby made her rounds in the clinic to make sure everyone was hard at work.  She helped us all start the day off right.
  • She was always stealing chairs from us when we would momentarily leave them.  Then she would “share” them when we returned.
  • Petting her was always top priority, especially when we were trying to type or write in a chart, she would plop down on the chart until she had been sufficently loved.
  • Ruby loved her babyfood treats during the day, and she didn’t even know we were giving her medicine.
  • She loved to curl up in her bed upside down in the Library.  Our receptionist/assistant Carrie could never walk by without a kiss and “I love you.”
  • She was an excellent helper when trying to teach new employees restraint techniques.  And she also helped teach many clients how to take care of their own pets.
  • Ruby used to shoot out of her kennel like a rocket when she was “freed” after staying there overnight or over lunch.
  • She loved to swat at us throughout the day when she was feeling extra fiesty.

Ruby will live on in our hearts and will be deeply missed.

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