Hurricane Katrina Leaves Paw Prints On Our Hearts

During the month of October, Carver Lake Veterinary Center’s team cared for 7 special puppies. Hurricane Katrina left these puppies homeless, hungry, and sick. We had the pleasure of taking these puppies under our wing and helping them get healthy.

Many of us at Carver Lake Veterinary Center wanted to reach out to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. It was hard to watch people leaving their beloved animals behind, as they hurried to safety. It made us wonder how we would react if a disaster struck our community.

Dr. Hunter took action right away by donating veterinary supplies to the animal relief organizations. She also volunteered her time, clinic, and staff to support some of the animals being rescued from the South.

Nancy, from the Aussie Rescue of Minnesota was one of the brave individuals who made the journey to New Orleans to give a helping hand. While there, she met and became responsible for a litter of abandoned pups. She brought all 7 puppies back to MN with the goal of getting them healthy and into good loving homes. When the puppies started sneezing and snuffling, Nancy contacted Dr Hunter who welcomed them with open arms.

The puppies were here at Carver Lake Veterinary Center for 2 weeks.  During that time we treated the puppies for respiratory infections, parasitic infections, and neutered and spayed them.  Teresa, one of our vet assistants, spent many hours making sure they got plenty of play time and love.

After the 2 week retreat, they were happy, healthy puppies.  Nancy had some homes already lined up for her furry little friends and was pleased that they could start their new lives feeling good.

These puppies remind us that although we don’t hear about hurricane Katrina very much anymore, animal rescue organizations are still looking for volunteers to help with the many abandoned animals.  If you’d like to contact Nancy from the Aussie Rescue of MN, you can reach her at 763-441-4377.

It is a good idea to have a disaster plan for your family and pets.The following article will give you good information on setting up a disaster plan for your pet.  Being prepared for a disaster can make the situation less stressful and can ultimately save your pet’s life.

Our hearts go out to all the homeless animals and their families that were separated by Hurricane Katrina.  We hope that the 7 puppies we cared for and the many other critters effected by Katrina continue to recover and find safe homes.

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