Ear Care for Pets

It is something that almost every pet owner deals with at one time or another;  That stinky, gunky goo that accumulates in your pets ears.  But, did you know that ear infections are relatively easy to prevent with the proper care?

An ear infection usually begins deep in the ear canal where moisture builds up.  It is so far down in the canal that you can’t see it until it gets far worse.

Once an ear becomes infected you must begin the process of treating the infection which often requires the use of multiple medications including ear drops and antibiotics.

It is much easier and more cost effective to take measures to prevent infections before they begin.

The best way to do this is to purchase an ear cleanser from your veterinarian made especially for pets.  This cleanser, when poured directly into the ear canal, will act as a drying agent to stop moisture from turning into an infection.

It is best to get your pet on a ear cleaning routine.  The frequency of cleaning will depend on the breed and lifestyle of your pet.

Along with routine cleaning you should always clean your pets ears following any swimming, bathing, or other water activities.  When water gets into your pets ears it can’t always get back out and begins to cause irritation and infection.  Cleaning with an ear cleaner after water activities will help to dry out that moisture before it can cause problems.

Ear care for pets is very easy and can prevent a lot of bigger problems for your pet.  Talk to your veterinarian today about starting your pet on routine ear care and help to stop the infections before they begin.

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