Daycare, Daycare! Read all about it!

As soon as Max enters the front doors to the clinic he bounces around looking for all of her Carver Lake Friends to greet her and snuggle.

Gallea, the American Eskimo has been coming to daycare since puppyhood. Now at the age of over 14 years later, he is part of our family.

Zoe and James, West Highland Terriers, are the best of friends. James struts through the clinic as if owns the place while Zoe casually takes her time saying hello to everyone and enjoying her walks.

Here at Carver Lake Veterinary Center dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, and small companion mammals are all welcome for daycare. Perhaps you just got a new puppy or kitten and you need help with supervising or potty training them while you are away from home. Maybe you are working long hours and need your pet cared during the day. Perhaps your home is under construction or being shown to sell. No matter the reason, we are very happy to care for your pets during your busy daytime hours.

Daycare is very handy whenever you are having work done on your home. Paint and varnish fumes can be harmful to pets, especially birds. Carpet cleaning and lawn treatments may require that your pet be out of the home as well. Let Carver Lake take care of your pets during these times. We will keep them safe and comfortable so you can focus on taking care of your home.

Each daycare pet gets their very own kennel, unless you prefer your pets to stay in the same area together. We have blankets and and rugs to keep your pet cozy, and always make sure they have fresh water.

We are very accommodating, and know how important it is to keep everyone happy during their stay. All daycare puppies and dogs get leashed walks around Carver Lake Veterinary Center’s beautiful trails. Other pets such as cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, pocket pets, and reptiles, will be given attention too; ensuring that litter boxes and environments stay clean and comfortable.

We recommend that you bring in a supply of your pet’s food for that day, this way we can feed them their own food, on their schedule. Furthermore, if they are on special medication, we will administer them at the instructed time.

The pets that come to stay with us on a regular basis enjoy their time here. They look forward to their walks, treats, and snuggle time. Their owners don’t have to worry about their pets being at home alone for long periods of time and can relax knowing their critters are safe and comfortable. The staff here at CLVC has fun getting to know the daycare animals that stay with us. At the end of the day, everyone is happy!

If you and your pets are interested in our daycare service, please call or stop by Carver Lake Veterinary Center. We’d love to answer questions or show you around our facility. Because your pet will be around other animals, we do require that your pet is up to date on all vaccinations and has a current negative fecal sample. Our hours are Monday: 8-6pm, Tuesday – Thursday: 8-8pm, and Friday 8-6pm. We look forward to spending time with your pets…we know how important they are to you!

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