Carver Lake Go’s Green

Veterinary clinics are responsible for a large amount of waste each year. At Carver Lake Veterinary Center we are trying to change that. We reuse and recycle whatever we can in hopes that our good habits will be passed onto others.

We try to conserve energy whenever we can by using energy efficient light bulbs, and shutting lights off in rooms that are not being used. Shades are also drawn to minimize the heat load from the sun and keep our air conditioner happy.

We also try to reuse everything we can at Carver Lake. We resuse the plastic trays that our vaccinations are packaged in for appointments and surgeries. For appointments we use them to carry vaccines and syringes into the exam room. For surgeries we keep each patient’s medications seperated in the trays with their names on them. These trays are also used to keep each patient’s labwork seperate. When an IV fluids bag is empty we cut the bottom off and use it as a water proof protectant for bandages or casts on an animals foot or leg.

We also reuse all paper. Anything that does not have to leave the clinic gets printed on scratch paper. If it cannot be used anymore we shred it then recycle it. We also recycle all of our plactic and glass materials, such as medication bottles and even the plastic casing over sterile syringes.

Just recently we started using biodegradeable bags for sending home a large amount of product with our clients.

We are really trying to decrease the amount of garbage that leaves this place. In some cases garbage is just garbage, but here at Carver Lake Veterinary Center if it can be reused and recycled it will be. In my time working here I have become more conscience of what I am throwing away, at home, at the store, and at my family and friends houses. Every little bit helps and whether you think so or not every single person makes a difference in the way our world is changing. Good luck and happy recycling!

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