The Importance of Bi-annual exams

Pet Exam

Pets age much faster than humans.  At only 1 year old your pet's age in human years ranges from teens to twenties depending on the species and breed. And the older your pet is the faster they age!  By the age of 7 pet years, your pet is already beginning their senior years!

The fact that pets age faster also means that illness may develop faster.  So it is especially important to bring them in for biannual exams.  Even pets that appear healthy can have an underlying problem that may only be detected during an examination or diagnostic screening by your veterinarian.  By identifying illnesses early we get a better response to treatment and save your pet from needless discomfort.

Twice a year wellness exams with your veterinarian can help diagnose, treat, and prevent health problems BEFORE they become life threatening.  These biannual exams also provide you the opportunity to discuss nutrition, behavior, and other concerns with your vet. 

Besides regular physical examinations for your pet, it is also important to contact us if you notice any changes in your pet's eating, drinking, sleeping, grooming, or playing habits, or any unexplained changes in weight, urination, defecation, or behavior.

By meeting with your vet twice a year you can help your pet live a longer, healthier life!