Girl Scout Troop Learns About Pet Care

On Thursday, February 24th Carver Lake was buzzing with activity as 17 young girl scouts crowded our receptionist area as they awaited the start of their tour.  The girls were all working towards their "pet care" badge. 

As part of their badge they needed to investigate the world of veterinary medicine. 

Practice Manager Julie, Technician Kelly, and Kelly's dog Lenny, led the girls on a fun and educational tour of the clinic.  The girls looked at Heartworm under a microscope, identified problems on x-rays, gave Lenny an exam, and learned the importance of good nutrition and training in a healthy pet. 

Throughout the tour the girls asked very inquisitive questions and learned a lot about proper pet care.  We have no doubt that these girls will have a positive impact on the lives of many pets in their future!