Carver Lake's Rescue Dog

Nina before

Some of you may have met our dear friend Nina, for those of who haven't we would like to introduce you to her.  Nina is a pitbull that has been staying at Carver Lake since the end of October. 

She was found in a dumpster and was thin and had many wounds.  The man who found her brought her to the Animal Emergency Clinic to address her initial health problems.  He was then put in contact with Dr. Hunter who knew that we had to help this little girl out. 

Nina is very loved at Carver Lake.  We have been treating her skin issues this whole time.  She is finally getting some hair growth over her healed wounds.  There is still more healing that needs to be done and further treatments for her skin.  She has gained some weight and is a very happy loving girl.  Nina was spayed mid-January. 

Nina nowThe folks from Rot-a-Love did her initial screening and she passed with flying colors.  They are currently looking for a foster home for Miss Nina. 

We will be very sad to see her go, but we know this is her new lease on life.  We wish nothing but the best for our sweet girl Nina!