Carver Lake Helps With Hurricane Relief

Turn on the TV and you are bound to see photos and stories of those suffering from Hurricane Katrina.  Many of us here at Carver Lake began to feel helpless.  With everything that had happened we felt like we should do something, but what could we do to help ease the devastation?

In mid-September we received a call from the University of Louisiana's Veterinary School.  They were looking for veterinary clinics around the United States to donate their space, time, and money to collect supplies to help the animals that had been displaced by the hurricane. 

What better way to help than to aid the animals!  So we had one week to collect as many supplies as we could before they would be loaded onto a semi and taken down South.  We were worried that we wouldn't be able to do very much in one week, but we underestimated the giving nature of our clients. 

With the help of many clients, coworkers, and their families Carver Lake was able to pack the back of Dr. Hunters SUV full with food, water, litter, fax machines, paper supplies, toys, treats, bowls, kennels, and medical supplies to help the homeless pets (and the volunteers working with them) in New Orleans.

We want to thank everyone who have donated supplies or money to the hurricane relief.  Whether you helped Carver Lake or did it on your own, you should be proud.  The United States is a wonderful place to live and Americans have shown time and time again that we take care of each other, regardless of where we live.