Ansel Travels to Mackinac Island

Dr. Kate An Hunter recently attended a veterinary meeting on Mackinac Island in Michigan and lucky dog Ansel was able to go along.

Mackinac Island, in the straits between Lakes Michigan and Huron, is car free.  One must take a ferry boat to the island, where horses are the main form of transportation and dogs are welcome.

The drive across the southern shore of Lake Superior, through Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan was spectacular.  Along the way, Ansel played on the beaches of 3 great lakes: Superior, Michigan, and Huron.

Dr. Hunter and Ansel  hiked through the woods along beautiful waterfalls, and shared pasties (a regional specialty meat filled turnover) at a local restaurant. 

At another restaurant, Ansel sat with them at their outdoor table and chose a meal from a special menu for dogs.  He traveled through town on a horse drawn carriage.  

Mackinac Island is a great vacation spot for dog lovers and their canine companions.  Dr.Hunter and Ansel both enjoyed the sites of the Victorian town and the fun of playing in the lakes together.