20 Baby Turtles Rescued!

On Friday, September 2nd, 2005 twenty baby snappingturtles were found by a family in Woodbury.  The turtles were trying to cross the road near the family’s townhome complex.  The family was worried because there was no pond nearby for these turtles to go to.  They called Carver Lake Veterinary Center for guidance.

The turtles were brought here to release into our pond.  Dr. Hunter estimated that the babies were only 3 days old and approximately 3 inches in length.

The turtles were released back into the wild soon after their arrival.  Upon their happy return to the pond, they buried their way into the mud to test their sea legs.

When rescuing turtles please use proper precautions.  Turtles carry the bacterium Salmonella, so be sure to where latex gloves when handling.  Wild turtles do not make good housepets.  They carry numerous diseases and are illegal to keep captive.

If a large turtle is found, the best way to remove it from danger is to lead it with a large stick.  The turtle should bite onto one end of the stick and you can then lead it to safety.

Turtles are very determined reptiles.  If you find them crossing the road, please place them closer to their destination.  If you place them on the other side of the road they will attempt the great journey again.

If an injured turtle, or other wildlife is found, they can receive care here at Carver Lake or at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville.  Please help keep our wildlife safe and happy!

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